Precise Tests of Products and Services

 Our online Video Briefing & Interview solution will help you test your products and services with FAST INSTANT FEEDBACK, so you save precious time to market.

You work in the Research & Development department and wish to have a brand new product or service tested “here and now”, but have no idea of how to get your test subjects to give you fast feedback. What if you could get video, questionnaire and multiple choice feedback in an instant ?

WE CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE exactly that … call us for a FREE trial ! 

Our new online Video Interview and Feedback solution, will enable your Research & Development team to perform online Quality Assurance and Tests within minutes from your test subjects.

Our solution will automatically help you through the processes even if you need to have a physical product tested, or is looking for advanced feedback for your Online Services such as websites, Professional Consultancy Services or maybe Evaluation and Presentations from a broad audience.

Here is a great question for you … and our answer for the solution !

How about if you need to test a new physical product or a new online service, where you need to have your test persons show you their opinion, while they also write feedback AND even answer multiple choice questions at the same ?

This is EXACTLY what our solution will do for you !

When you purchase our Test of Products & Services solution, you also get the following services ABSOLUTELY FREE included with your subscription:

  • Staffing & Recruiting Solution
  • Coaching & Mentoring Solution
  • Assembling & Recruiting Project Teams
  • QR code Survey solution
                                                                             … and more FREE services coming soon !

Our Precise.Pro solution enables you to record only one test briefing and interview, whereafter the system automatically handles all of the practical processes for you with your test subjects.

Then you can sit back and evaluate the test feedback from your subjects, based on exact and visible feedback. That is saving you valuable time to market … and thereby money.

So, what are you waiting for … call us for a FREE trial or click here to write us !


$25/ month
  • All Apps Included *
  • 25 GByte Storage
  • Unlimited Support
  • 1 Editor

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$50/ month
  • All Apps Included *
  • 50 GByte Storage
  • Unlimited Support
  • 10 Editors

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$100/ month
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  • Unlimited Support
  • 25 Editors

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$250/ month
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  • Unlimited Support
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General features for all Precise.Pro services

  • Easy to use Precise.Pro online Editor system
  • Simple setup of Interviews, Briefings, Coaching & Mentoring task
  • Fully automated Interview system
  • “One-to-One” and “One-to-Many” video interview solution
  • Interactive Questionnaires
  • File Upload option for Resumes or other types of documents
  • Multiple Choice Questionnaires
  • Unrestricted access to all other Precise.Pro services (100% FREE)