Effective Coaching and Mentoring

 Our online Video Coaching & Mentoring solution will help you and your candidates REFLECT AND BE BETTER PREPARED … and save everyone time and money.

You work in the field of Coaching and Mentoring, and need to ensure that each minute spent with each and every individual you coach (or mentor) is effective, with great results. You also want to make sure, that you do not waste everyones precious time, and thereby money.

WE CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE exactly that … call us for a FREE trial ! 

The solution is based on a “one-to-one” Video Briefing system, where you as the Coach and Mentor, is able to brief an individual before you actually meet, and thus give them time to reflect plus give you feedback, so everyone is better prepared before the meeting.

Just imagine the enriched prepared knowledge both parties bring to the meeting, which should bring the meeting further and onward, than using traditional methods. You should also consider that you might even get feedback you would normally not achieve using traditional methods.

We believe that the future of Coaching and Mentoring is the ability to give your individual candidates time to reflect, so that they save their own and your time, being much better prepared than usual once your meeting starts.

Our solution will automatically help you prepare your candidates by you briefing them online, and thereby give them valuable time to reflect before they actually meet you “face to face”. This is also a great way to start the session by them bringing you valuable feedback on before hand.

When you purchase our Coaching & Mentoring solution, you also get the following services ABSOLUTELY FREE included with your subscription:

  • Staffing & Recruiting Solution
  • Establishing your Project Team Solution
  • Test of Products and Online Services
  • QR code Survey Solution
                                                                       … and more FREE services coming soon !

Our Precise.Pro solution enables you to record your briefing and questions, whereafter the system automatically handles all of the interview for you.

Then you can kick back and evaluate the feedback you get back, based on exact and visible feedback directly from your candidate. That is saving you time and thereby money – and since seeing is believe, so why not give it a test run ?

So, what are you waiting for … call us for a FREE trial or click here to write us !


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  • 25 GByte Storage
  • Unlimited Support
  • 1 Editor

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$50/ month
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  • 50 GByte Storage
  • Unlimited Support
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$100/ month
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$250/ month
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General features for all Precise.Pro services

  • Easy to use Precise.Pro online Editor system
  • Simple setup of Interviews, Briefings, Coaching & Mentoring task
  • Fully automated Interview system
  • “One-to-One” and “One-to-Many” video interview solution
  • Interactive Questionnaires
  • File Upload option for Resumes or other types of documents
  • Multiple Choice Questionnaires
  • Unrestricted access to all other Precise.Pro services (100% FREE)