How to use our services


We are fully aware that you are excited to get started, and have therefore prepared some information and instructional videos you may find usefull, understanding and better getting the most out of your new services !

It is our biggest goal to ensure that you will love using Precise.Pro, and will think about using it for as many time saving tasks as possible, so you too save valuable time and money for your organization every single day.

If there are any videos you think we should include in our portfolio below, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know … because, we reward any suggestion we make use of !


If you are the person who has paid for the use of our services, you will have received an e-mail with login information to our Administrator module.

To log in, please either go here and type the login information received, or simply click on the link included in the e-mail from us, which will take you straight to the login page.

Once logged in, you will need to fill in the information asked, whereafter you will have to consider which services to delegate to your Editors.

Kindly read our FAQ and suggestions below on how to delegate tasks, should you have any doubts thus regarding.

The differerence between the Administrator and Editor module in Precise.Pro is, that the Administrator delegates the various services to the Editors, whereas the Editors are the people actually performing the tasks of interviewing and recruiting candidates, gatering the Project Team or maybe even asking candidates to perform at product test – or – fill out an online survey.

If you are still in doubt of how to actually use the two different module parts, and tell them apart, then try having a look at the visual description in “How to use it” in the Helpdesk menu.

We suggest that you as the Administrator could think like this, when you delegate services to your Precise.Pro designated Editors;

Staffing & Recruiting 
HR Department – or – Appointed person who will be the daily Leader in Charge

Coaching & Mentoring
HR Department – or – Appointed person who is responsible for the specific Coaching / Mentoring task

Project Teams
Quality Assurance – or – Appointed Department and person leading (Project Manager) tasks

Test or Product & Services
Quality Assurance, Research & Development – or – Sales Department

QR code Surveys
Sales Department – or – Quality Assurance Department

Once you have been given access to the Precise.Pro module from your Administator, which should have happened automatically by you receiving a login e-mail, you will be able to perform the following tasks.

  • Invite candidates to participate either in an interview,  maybe listen to and see a coaching video, participate in a project team briefing, be a part of a test of a specific product or service from you, or maybe even be a part of an online survey using the QR code Survey service
  • Begin a short briefing using the video part of Precise.Pro to brief the candidates of why they are actually receiving the invitation in their e-mail inbox
  • Begin an interview session, enabling you to get the answers you need, where you are able to include both video, multiple choice questions and ask a candidate to upload specific data to the Precise.Pro solution, which you may need in your evaluation of the video sequence

When you have prepared the solution and is satisfied with what you have seen, you simply request the Precise.Pro module to start sending out the invitation to your candidates.

Hereafter you will be notified each time an interview or survey session has been completed, which you are able to see in the Editor overview module.

Once you have paid for access to the Precise.Pro solution you should receive the following material from us by e-mail to the address you have entered into the online shop.

  1. An order acknowledgement from PayPal confirming your purchase
  2. An invoice for the purchase from our Precise.Pro online shop
  3. A welcome e-mail from our Precise.Pro system, which includes your Administrator login information

Hereafter you should log in and start delegating tasks to your Editors, so they can get started using the solution right away.

If you yourself is also the Editor, you will still need to invite yourself, and as Administrator choose which services you should see when you log in as an Editor.

Moreover, if you by any chance should have entered a wrong e-mail address when purchasing the solution in our online shop, please do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can change it for you, should you not have received (or remembered) your login information.

Here is how you choose a candidate in the Editor module.

  1. Either wait and check that all interviews have come in, or simply work on during that process, since the Precise.Pro module will work fine without having all interviews or surveys in place. It is really up to you to choose how you use they system.
  2. Deselect (or short list) the candidates you do not consider will be the right person for the task at hand, so that you only see the candidates you wish to interview a second time using Precise.Pro or have a real meeting with.
  3. If you are conducting an online QR code based Survey or are testing a product, you simply deselect the information and feedback you have already viewed, and do not find nessesary to follow-up on. 
  4. Once you have your positive list available, then you may start to request a second (or third) interview or survey, by sending the candidates a new invitation to participate.

It is that simple and easy to use Precise.Pro – and save time !

Once an interview or online survey has completed – and you want to close and save the session, all you need to do is select and click the “save” button in the Editor interface.

Hereafter both you as the Editor and your Administrator can actually see that the session has been closed and saved.

Should you at any time wish to open the session again, you simply choose the session and work on, whereafter the status will change back to “In progress”.