Custom Solutions

Maybe the Information Security Manager in your organization has mentioned that you have an IT policy, where you are only allowed to use services placed at your own datacenter facility ?

Another reason could be, that your IT policy states that you need to have direct server access to each an every service offered in house, due to reason of data backup rules etc.

We are able to help and word with you for each scenario, since our Precise.Pro solution will work just fine on a server placed in your own datacenter facility, as long as we are able to help you install the solution.


Our skilled System Engineers and Developers can either come to your datacenter facility, or access the equipment online via most secure access solutions, and install the solution for you remotely.

We actually have ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified staff members at our location, who are also able to work together with your IT Department, to ensure that the solution is capable of passing an IT Audit in flying colors.

So, please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information and a business meeting, where we can talk about your opportunities using our solution inhouse.

You are also welcome to call us anytime at +1 (407) 680-0860 to hear more about getting your very own version of our Precise.Pro solution.

Thank You

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